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Pause for Thought

Often times, when I’m having a conversation with someone, especially with a person who doesn’t know I’m autistic, I worry I might come across as being rude, or that I’m not listening to them. I go quiet, sometimes because I’m distracted and have drifted off in my mind, but also because it takes me a…

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Growing up, like many kids my age, I went through periods of time where I’d have a ‘best friend’. Someone who would take me under their wing, and for a brief time, I wasn’t just the shy nervous girl eating my lunch in the bathroom stalls (I know, how stereotypical of me!). We’d do everything…

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Did you know that many autistic people are excellent autodidacts? We don’t learn the same way as neurotypicals do, so we often end up being self taught, our passion and interest fueling our desire to learn. For me, it was always music, and particularly songwriting. When I was in school I used to write songs…

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