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(C.W. : Harassment, violence, loss of life, abuse) This one is not really autism related, but I had to get it off my chest. I had an encounter the other day that is all too familiar to us women. While queuing outside of a shop, my mask on, no make up, my partners oversized raincoat…

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Touch & Trauma

(TRIGGER WARNING: INTIMACY/SHUTDOWN/SEX/GASLIGHTING/TRAUMA) I’ve never been the most tactile person. Even with the people I have been the closest with, I struggle to find a balance between what feels comfortable for me and my body, and the desire to express my affection for the people I love. When physical affection seems like the gold standard…

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It’s Not Us Who Need to Change

(TW: Bullying, masking, self harm) When it dawned on me, and I mean really dawned on me, that I’m autistic, and what that meant, I was overwhelmed with a tidal wave of emotions. I couldn’t focus enough to write it all down, what I was feeling, in my journal, as I normally would, so instead…

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